Calculated risk is hardly risk at all.

The most powerful risk assessment to date.

All risk involves data-based odds. RiskOS leverages machine learning to create stunningly-accurate risk models that evolve in real-time. It's the brains behind our new fleet insurance product, Rideshur.

Why it matters

Making the world safer, byte by byte.

Today's insurance industry leans on old equations based on limited data sets. RiskOS is the modern approach — processing hundreds of data points per second to generate a real-time risk score.


Interlacing data points power precise decision-making.


State-of-the-art architecture processes information seamlessly.


Machine learning that becomes more accurate over time.

How it works

Data processing that takes privacy seriously.

We take data privacy seriously. riskOS safely collects and processes huge amounts of data generated by drivers and real life and uses it to determine insurance premiums. User data is never shared.

Entire commercial fleets run on RiskOS.

Rideshur is fleet insurance with rates made fair by real-time risk assessment. A working example in the wild. Proof that the future runs on data.

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