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Join us in predicting the unpredictable.

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Why join Humn

Humn is an award-winning and well-funded Insurtech on a mission to change the way insurance is calculated. We provide powerful insights into how our customers can calculate risk, dramatically reduce fleet insurance costs and save lives.


Our values

Together we’re fostering a culture of psychological safety, autonomy and innovation. You will join a team that understands what it's like to be part of a shared mission and what it takes for a team to succeed. Skills are important but people are everything. If these words speak to you, you should speak to us!

Be challenging, curious and creative

Innovation and re-invention is crucial to our success. Question what others take for granted.

Flat is where it's at

We keep a flat structure, minimise bureaucracy, empower by delegating decision-making, and reduce noise in our system.

We value unique perspectives

We value diversity and constantly challenging our own biases. Working alongside brilliant and supportive people feels deeply fulfilling and gets things done faster.

Humns support other Humns

What we’re doing is hard. What we are building doesn’t exist yet – there are no examples to follow. Humns need a safe space for new ideas. We proactively reach out and support one another.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Listening is about being present, understanding, empathising and caring about another’s perspective. It takes energy and time but it’s the most powerful moment you have with another Humn.

Integrity is core to being Humn

Integrity and ethics are integral to our way of working. In our business, our word is our bond. Trust in relationships with our colleagues, customers and partners is essential.

We invest in your development

Perform leading edge work with brilliant peers, coaching managers and together we bring our concepts to life. We support you to close knowledge gaps and prepare you for what’s next.

Show ownership and authenticity

Personal leadership requires skills such as vulnerability, communication, empathy, learning agility - as well as business and functional expertise. We support you in developing those skills.

Everyone here counts

Know that every contribution counts. We achieve amazing things together but never apart. Your drive and determination will change the world and accelerate our mission.

Perks & Benefits

It’s good to be Humn.

There’s a lot to love about working with us. You will build things that never have been built. You can work alongside brilliant colleagues and engage with experts and leaders in your field who will support your learning and development. You will have an incredible opportunity to upskill yourself personally and professionally.

Remote Working

We are a remote-first company. That means you are only asked to come into our offices for special occasions - and otherwise can work from wherever you are productive and connected.

Flexible Working

Some find it easier to focus at night, others do their best thinking early in the morning. We know 9-5 doesn’t work perfectly for everyone. All we ask is that you’re available to join team meetings.

Annual Leave

At Humn, everyone gets 25 days paid holiday annually. We believe that to be the best at what you do, you need downtime. And that means not working on your mobile or laptop whilst sat on the beach!


If you have an unexpected life event where you need extra time off, we are happy to support you to get life sorted before you come back. Your mental health is the most valuable thing we have. We also offer external coaching and a flexi-benefits package.

(Y)our Performance

We share our success as a team. Bonuses are given for successful team performance, and we ensure that each new hire is a valuable contributor. We also offer exciting career opportunities.

Parental Leave

Our generous and family friendly Parental Leave policy provides 16 weeks full-paid benefit for our parents, with an additional flex return-to-work approach that would provide part-time employment (4 days per week).

Interview Process

Interested? Our interview process is simple.

Selecting our fellow Humns is probably the most important decision we'll ever make. So we try to do it well, carefully but intelligently and efficiently. Here is our process:

01.Initial Screening

We will select the candidates who will have high impact and get the most out of working at Humn.

02.Meet the Team

We will invite you to meet with our Humn interview team. This usually consists of 2 or 3 interviews with the hiring manager and teammates. For technical roles, we may invite you for an online technical assessment.

03.Cultural Fit

Our Humn culture-fit interview will explore how you see yourself fitting into Humn's amazing mission - and ask us all about what makes working here so special. This is a chance for both of us to ensure that we are right for one another.

04.Final Decision

We will make our final selection - which is a carefully crafted review and assessment process that ensures we're all making the right decision. From beginning to end, we aim to keep this process efficient and to keep you informed as we make our way through the 3-4 weeks' process.